My name is Eileen Bentz and I am the owner of Moriah Maltese.  I have been a member of Pacific Rim Maltese Club for over 10 years, holding an office for many of those.  I have also been a member of the American Maltese Association for 2 years. 
      I started in 2000, getting my first Maltese from Peggy Wanner of Kandu Maltese.  I bought Julia as a pet after I had seen my first maltese and knew I just had to have one myself.  Peggy took me to my first dog show and I was so intrigued I thought ' that looks like fun, can't be too hard!'  So into the ring I went.  I learned a lot with my first Maltese!  I never got her championed, but she produced for me a little girl who did champion. CH Moriah's Classy Reflection of Kandu  won her first show at Evergreen Maltese Club Specialty where at 7 1/2 months old won Best in Specialty Show with a 5 point Major!  This was quite an honor.
    The next maltese that I purchased was suppose to be a show dog, she turned out not to be, but again she produced a champion.         CH Annie's Song of Moriah.  Since then I have really strived to improve what I breed and bring good attributes into my breeding program following the AKC Breed Standard.  I only produce a couple of litters a year, enough to be able to have another dog to put in the show ring.  It is still a hobby, but one I really enjoy and I get excited whether it's planning my next show dog or championing the one I am currently showing. 
    My daughter has helped me a great deal and did Jr. Handling herself for a while.  My biggest thank you though goes to Peggy Wanner for getting me started and cheering me on.  She has since passed, but I often times feel her near. 
    When I am not working with my dogs, I am a Registered X-ray Technologist.  I work full time at a hospital, so my dogs are my stress release time away from work.  My Maltese have brought a great deal of joy into my life, I couldn't imagine life without them.
Sarah with our first Maltese.
      (when she was 8)
  Julia, Miss Kitty, Annie
Julia (my first maltese) with (Lt to Rt) Riley,      Dino, Noel, Miss Kitty, Annie (in front)